Private Vintner Dinners


Cheers to all the 2024 participating winemakers, chefs and our hosts for volunteering their time and resources to create these intimate dinner experiences. Thank you for helping fund the fight!


We are grateful for our 2024 hosts, vintners and chefs below. Please check back later this year for a list of our 2025 Private Vintner Dinners.

Cornell Vineyards
& Hyde Vineyard Estate Winery


At the home of Kimberly & Doug Linfert
Prepared by
Chef Joe Townsend

Mauritson Wines
& Three Sticks Wines

At the home of Kristen & Brian Junghans
Prepared by
Chef Tony Galzin, Nicky’s Coal Fired

New Frontier Wine Company
Lithology Winery &
Peay Vineyards

At the home of Carrie Kitko & Matt Leavitt
Prepared by
Chef Brack May, Marsh House

ROWEN Wine Company
& Bricoleur Vineyards

At the home of Marian & Paul Karp
Prepared by
Chef Tara Sawdon, Somm Craig Zimberg
The Chef & Somm

Pahlmeyer Winery
& Evening Land Vineyards

At the home of
Marjorie Feltus Hawkins & David Hawkins
Prepared by
Chef Kevin Ramquist, Unicorn Nashville

Antix Wines
& Booker Vineyards

At the home of Roseann Rogers & Aashish Shah
Prepared by
Chef Steven Bailey, The Kindred Farm

Cornerstone Cellars

At the home of Tamela & Doug Swanson
Prepared by
Chef John Ford, JW Marriott Nashville


At the home of Loren Chumley & Scott Peterson
Prepared by
Chef Kristin Beringson, Henley Nashville

CIRQ. Estate, CHEV. Wine & Patrimony Estate

At the home of Cindee & Michael Gold
Prepared by
Kristen Winston Catering

& Bucher Wines

Hosted by Nancy Allen & Marc Goldstone
Prepared by
Chef Jason LaIacona, Miel

Diamond Mountain Vineyards
& Lynmar Estate

At the home of Gina & Mark Tedder
Prepared by
Chef Matt Bell

Simon Family Estate
& Roederer Estate

At the home of Rachel & Jeff Mitchell
Prepared by
Chef Kelsie Armijo,
Drusie and Darr by Jean-Georges

& L’Aventure Winery

At the home of Rahel Klapheke Sloan & Jim Sloan
Prepared by
Chef Burke Conley, Cater615