2024 Norman M. Lipman Award Recipient

Each year, the Norman M. Lipman award is presented in Lipman’s memory and in recognition of individuals who have embraced the humanitarian qualities of wisdom, courage, optimism, commitment, and integrity in their personal and professional lives.

In 2024, we honor Fritz Hatton for Accomplishment and Persuasive Enthusiasm.

Since 2013, Fritz Hatton has been an integral player in the success of l’Eté du Vin success. The energy and dedication he brings to the auction stage entertains and engages the crowd, while he enthusiastically encourages generosity from the bidders.

Fritz is an Advisor and Principal Auctioneer at Zachys, and Proprietor of Arietta Wines. He has conducted the l’Eté du Vin Auction for more than a decade and it is one of his most cherished events.

Fritz took a few moments to share his appreciation with us:

“For me, the key aspect of l’Eté du Vin during my tenure as auctioneer has been its consistency and organic growth. Over the last decade revenue growth has been gradual but continual, rising from the mid-high six figures to low-mid seven figures. That has happened due to having a very dedicated team and the long-term commitment of its core supporters. While most charitable auctions lose momentum over time due to generational turnover, it amazes me to see the nation’s oldest charitable wine auction go from strength to strength.

I cherish all the friends I have made in Nashville and will single out Tom Black, who has hosted me (and shared the odd bottle of wine) for years during the auction weekend. Also, Pam and Steve Taylor have been so incredibly supportive of the auction, as well as introducing our family wine brand, Arietta, to Nashville collectors. Finally, and most importantly, I would like to toast the many donors, who understand that the high quality of their donations is critical to the long-term success of l’Eté du Vin.

I’m not used to getting awards like this. Bids are my rewards—they are the thanks I get for asking!”