Reedy Creek Vineyards and Cellars

Nestled high in the mountains just outside of Kingsport, Tennessee, Reedy Creek Vineyard stands tall as the largest vineyard in Tennessee. The high elevation and ancient slate, shale and limestone soils in this part of the state create a perfect environment for growing quality grapes. Through ancient soils and old-world skill, Reedy Creek is renewing the landscape of North American winemaking.

Encircled by the Blue Ridge and Smokies, the farm enjoys the easy rhythm of four temperate seasons. The fields are infused with million-year stores of just the right minerals, yielding vintages that complement the rich culinary history of the South and tables world-round. Founder Mike Reedy is one of Tennessee’s “New Generation” winemakers, focusing on classical-style dry wines that not only put Tennessee on the wine map, but preserve a distinctive sense of place that only the great state of Tennessee can deliver.