The journey in creating Giornata started with a dream to create wines from Italian grapes grown in California while employing the sensibility and philosophy of Italian winemaking. Founders Brian and Stephy Terrizzi work with the same grape vines (clonal material) as the best producers in Italy, an excellent match for the Central Coast of California which possesses many of the attributes of the top wine growing regions of Italy.  Their winemaking style leans more Italian than Californian in that they favor wines with balance and subtlety rather than intensity and extraction.

Brian’s love for Italian wine comes from his lifelong love of Italian food and fascination with his Italian heritage. After working for respected Zinfandel producer Rosenblum Cellars, he traveled to Italy to work with the famous Paolo DeMarchi at Isole e Olena in Tuscany. Brian’s experience at the Tuscany winery provided him a great deal of insight into Italian winemaking.

Brian and Stephy travel to Italy on a regular basis to receive feedback on their efforts while they continue to study Italian winemaking and viticultural methods.