Gamble Family Vineyards

Napa native Tom Gamble is a farmer first. “My most lasting memory of childhood is dirt. Playing in dirt. Walking in dust behind the tractor. Wearing out our jean seats sliding down shale hillsides. Wandering aimlessly on foot, horseback and mini-bike all summer long, enjoying everything the dirt and our climate gives to life.” His boyhood days often began before sunrise herding cattle, working irrigation lines and emulating older ranchers and farmers.

Tom has always held fast to his Napa roots, where the Gamble family arrived, four generations ago. Tom continued the family farming legacy, planting his first vineyard in 1981 and continues to farm to this day. Gamble Family Vineyards is an opportunity to share with future generations, the hard work of generations past. Tom Gamble is a farmer first, which is fitting. Good wine begins on the vine.