Desparada Wines

“It is no accident that Desparada came into being in the Central Coast. Here my hand isn’t forced into any particular style, I’m free to play, to discover and push toward new horizons. I’m an explorer by nature, I can’t escape that, and my wines are the milestones in my journey. Working in a place so young, there is an unavoidable temptation to use the guideposts left by regions like Pauillac, Chateauneuf or Montalcino. This is a place as singular as those, but we’re still plotting our trail, and I would hate to lose the lure of the unknown by relying on old maps. That’s why the wines of Desparada are guided more by spirit than style. Each wine stands for a particular vision, and in each vintage I use new knowledge, varietals and vineyards to bring that vision into sharper focus. I am a stranger in this wild and strange land, chasing something far-off and faint, but am sure-footed and ready for the chase.”

– Vailia Esh, Winemaker