Blackbird Vineyards

Founded in 2003, Blackbird Vineyards is an artisanal producer of Bordeaux influenced wines from Napa Valley. Crafted by esteemed winemaker Aaron Pott, each wine in the portfolio is a true example of Blackbird’s ongoing commitment to quality and diversity of terroir by partnering with a selection of Napa Valley’s most prestigious vineyards. These include sites in the high altitudes of Spring Mountain and Atlas Peak, the alluvial terrain of Saint Helena and the Oak Knoll district in Napa, and the cool climates of Carneros.

Blackbird annually offers its portfolio of wines, including—Arriviste, Dissonance, Arise, Illustration, Paramour and Contrarian throughout North America. The 2012 vintage marked the 10th anniversary of inspired winemaking for Blackbird Vineyards with many vintages forthcoming. After all, this winery is Born to Fly…