The Prize of Promontory & Penultimate

No one was surprised when one of the most historic vintners in Napa Valley, Bill Harlan, launched a new winery in 2009 in the stunning Promontory region he had discovered in the 1980s while hiking along Oakville’s southwestern borderlands. That wine, Promontory, is really something quite special.

That’s because wines from the hillsides of Promontory reflect the varied aspects of the territory: the native forests, the moisture of the ephemeral fog, and the minerality of the geologic underpinnings. Together, they provide a natural balance of freshness, energy, and tannin.

Penultimate hovers near that same profound character, far more than a so-called “second.” It plays a critical role of its own in relation to the pinnacle that is Promontory. In fact, in a remarkable way, it helps elevate the original wine it aspires to be.

Will Harlan (Bill’s son) explains the “next to the last stage” mindset behind the newer wine’s name and genesis. “We work with blocks of vines that are at a level where they are almost ready to include in the ultimate Promontory blend, but not quite. It’s like an artist’s final sketch before executing the masterpiece. And for us, Penultimate reflects the concept of constant discovery.”

Tonight, you can take home six wines from Promontory, as prestigious a Napa winery as you can get, and its younger sibling Penultimate, a standout star in its own right. This fabulous collection of wine could ultimately be yours — if yours is the winning bid. Paddles at the ready…

  • Promontory 2017
  • Promontory 2018
  • Promontory 2019
  • Promontory Penultimate 2017
  • Promontory Penultimate 2018
  • Promontory Penultimate 2019


Donated by Noelle Daugherty & Jay Erter