Honoring Shannon Staglin | Staglin Family Vineyards

Shannon Staglin is President at Staglin Family Vineyard. After graduating from UCLA, she moved back to Napa to work as a harvest intern in 2001 where she learned the details of production and viticultural practices.

In 2002, she moved from the winery into the office where she honed her skills in marketing, hospitality, consumer and trade sales. After earning her MBA from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, she chose to work for several years outside of the wine business to gain insight, a different perspective and valuable experience that she could one day share with Staglin Family Vineyard. She was recruited to create the marketing program for Wells Fargo Family Wealth, providing multifamily office solutions to ultra-high net worth client families.

In 2011 Shannon returned to Staglin Family Vineyard where she now oversees all aspects of the business. Her educational and professional experiences provide a new perspective and a fresh outlook that will enhance the family business for many years to come.


About Staglin Family Vineyards

Garen and Shari Staglin were able to purchase their Rutherford Bench estate in 1985 after spending many years learning about wine together. Their longtime dream to farm a vineyard and produce wines of great quality was something they wanted to share with their family. To encourage active participation Brandon and Shannon were offered a small cash gift to invest in the vineyard. Today all members of the family work in day to day operations of the vineyard and winery. Shannon serves as President, Brandon as Director of Marketing Communications, Shari as Chief Executive Officer and Garen as the Public Relations Manager.

In 1992 famed enologist Andre Tchelistcheff told the Staglins, “Listen to the vines — they will tell you what to do.” This wise counsel continues to be the most important element in our goal of making the best wine possible from their estate. The winemaker, Fredrik Johansson, works closely with vineyard manager, David Abreu, to carefully farm the land and coax optimal ripeness, complexity and intensity from the vines with each harvest.

Celebrating Women in Wine

In 1998, NWA and Tom Black put together a women-centric l’Eté du Vin to celebrate the power and success of women in the wine industry.  It’s only fitting that on the twentieth anniversary of that empowered evening, we do the same.  These women are talented, fierce, and deserving of our recognition for more than simply being women.