Robinson Family Vineyards

Robinson Family Vineyards B&W


Perfectly situated under the face of the Stag’s Leap Palisades lays the hillside property of the Robinson Family Vineyards. On these 78 acres, are the highly visible outcropping of the Stag’s Leap cliffs. The hills are covered with aging oak trees, seven acres of hillside vineyard, and the Robinson grandmother’s charming hand-built log cabin.  At the rear of Grandma’s house, dug into the mountain slope, is the small boutique winery housing the estate grown wines, which consist of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec

The vineyard is located in an ideal setting. During the day the heat from the large structured volcanic rock of the cliffs penetrates the vines, then the cool coastal nights of the valley assist to create a supple and balanced wine.  The winery is surrounded by large ancient oak trees, lush vineyard, and plentiful geological rock formations. This setting along with a distinctive family feel results in a unique atmosphere.