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Lot 129 | The Grill and The Glass, A Barbeque Wine Dinner

This isn’t your typical fine wine dinner. Discard any thoughts you may have of white tablecloths, candlelit tables, and perhaps even silverware for that matter. While we’re leaving all formality at the front door, we’re definitely not skimping on the fantastic food, top tier wines, and inevitable fun times!

Lot Details

If you’re down to get a little dirty, then this is the dinner for you! Only twelve lucky bidders will get to join, so prepare your paddles! On Thursday, June 16, 2022 Chef Carey Bringle of the Peg Leg Porker in The Gulch is serving up an array of smoked BBQ delights in the Culinary Loft! Described by Nashville Guru as an exclusive spot for visiting celebrity chefs and exclusive dinner events, the Culinary Loft will serve as the backdrop for an evening of finger licking, wet wipes, and – of course – wine!

When Chef Carey Bringle was in high school, he lost his leg to osteosarcoma. Bringle has never let that slow him down in his quest for domination in the world of competitive barbecue, which the award-winning chef maintains while running a restaurant and whiskey biz. That’s a testament to his strength, and the fact that he has such an upbeat attitude about his battle with cancer is a demonstration of his character. It is also why this dinner will be even more fitting for the Nashville Wine Auction cause.

Adding to the evening’s uniqueness is the lineup of wines provided by hosts Valerie and Adam Landa. These special bottles have been selected to create masterful pairings with Chef Bringle’s cuisine, and create an experience you’ll never forget.

What wine you ask? This wine:

And we would be kidding ourselves if there wasn’t the likelihood of Peg Leg Porker Bourbon making an appearance as well.

Buy-A-Spot at this dinner

A total of 12 spots will be sold separately. The Auctioneer will explain the rules from the podium.

One spot includes:

If you are interested in purchasing multiple spots, please hold up the corresponding number of fingers when bidding.

No shared pours.

Donated by Valerie & Adam Landa, Chef Carey Bringle