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Lot 118 | The Dressmaker and the Late Bloomers

Featured on live auction at 8:02 pm. This lot closes at 8:15 pm.

We’ve got some bona fide Pairings celebs in this lot. As far as we’re concerned, Vailia and Russell From are always on the VIP list in Nashville.

Lot Details

Featuring a very special project from Desparada wines and every single vintage (in magnum) of Herman Story’s Late Bloomer Grenache, this lot is not for the faint of heart when it comes to bidding wars. The wineries (and winemakers) speak for themselves, so here’s a bit more information about the wines. We’ve chosen to use their own words, since ours will never compare to the From elocution.

“A Solera-style Cabernet Sauvignon beget from seven vintages, seven years of experimentation and bold ventures. A thread of poetry here, a thread of nature there, all brought forth by this – my labor and my spirit, bottled. It’s the lynchpin around which my creations spin, a culmination of my trials and triumphs. Conceived in 2012, Dress Maker integrates Cabernet Sauvignon vintages from each harvest since, evoking the best of their characters. A perfect balance of old vintage depth and new vintage vibrance. 

Each year, I’ll add a new vintage to the blend, bringing new complexities to each release. The final 2026 release will contain 13 vintages, 13 years of whims and revelations. In total, the Dress Maker collection will consist of eight releases that, like the tides, wane and wax with each of the lunar phases.” -Vailia From

Herman Story Wines:

Lawrence of Arabia’s favorite Saharan oasis: lush, pure, refined, and exotic. Clove spiced blackberry, dragon fruit, anise seed, fruit tagine, softened cinnamon stick, kaleidoscopic Persian rug, cardamom and revived cherry, all wrapped together with a bluster of cool, sage infused air and that familiar embrace of an old friend.

Like a giant blue nosed Pitbull that’s been known to crush basketballs in his mouth, but thinks he’s a lap dog and has no idea that he could be a monster. Raspberry sauce poured out on a hot sidewalk, pastrami meat, clove, beef tartare, cherry flambé, sweet carnitas, rail car of fresh lumber, blood orange, mincemeat and desert white sage. More headspinningly unexpected than a donkey in a tutu and a heck of a lot more interesting.

It’s prom and you can’t believe Trevor Winchester asked you to go. You check the fresh flower corsage, he arrives and you’re in his parent’s new Lexus heading to the dance on the freshly rained on streets. He’s put on too much of the Bay Rhum cologne, but you like it as you snap your cherry Bubble Yum. You’re drinking huckleberry milkshakes and espresso over ice cream in an old teak wood parlor, waiting for him to make the move.

It’s time to head up to the cabin by the lake and take in the natural setting. Walking through the nearby forest, you can smell soil recently struck by lightning. The setting is elegant but rustic, with burnt marshmallows and coffee roasting over the granite re pit. Later, there will be wild blueberry pie straight out of the oven and a nip or two out of Grandpa’s absinthe stash. You playfully dance with the stuffed and mounted grizzly bear in the corner, the one that came looking for a fight all those years ago but now stands ready with a furry embrace. Go ahead and enjoy. After all, what happens at the cabin stays at the cabin.

A day at the lake left you sun-soaked and sleepy. Dirt and wood chips stick to your feet and probably your hair, but somewhere hidden in these pines, a fire’s waiting. When you sat on the rocks with Robbie Vanderberg, after his shift at the produce market, while his friends pushed each other off the dock, did he mean to touch your hand? His sticky blackberry-stained fingers, the breeze off the water, now it’s all fading away between a flickering bonfire, carefree chatter, and a flask you’ve been passed, sweet bourbon. Curled in a camping chair, you wonder what he would do if you made a move. There’s only one way to find out.

Herman Story Late Bloomer Grenache 2016 (1.5L)

Donated by Vailia & Russell From, Desparada Wines, Herman Story Wines

This wine will ship directly from the winery to the high bidder following the auction. All bidders welcome!