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Lot 117 | Big Love for D.R. Stephens

Featured on live auction at 8:02 pm. This lot closes at 8:15 pm.

D.R. Stephens. Just the name brings back fond memories of Pairings past.

Lot Details

We love D.R. Stephens, and if you don’t already love them too, allow us to give you a quick rundown. Located in the hills of Howell Mountain, the estate is owned and operated by Don R. Stephens and his son Justin. During Don’s time in law school in the Bay Area, he and some partners started a steakhouse restaurant in San Francisco where he gained appreciation for fine wine and especially for how Cabernet Sauvignon pairs with steak (hint: D.R. Stephens focuses on its flagship Moose Valley Cabernet that, you guessed it, pairs so well with steak).

Fast forward through a successful career in real estate and private equity investment to 1996 when he planted the nine-acre Moose Valley Vineyard and had their first release of their D.R. Stephens Estate Moose Valley Cabernet Sauvignon in 2002. The wine was extremely well received in the food and restaurant world and was immediately added to the wine lists of some of the best restaurants in many of the major cities.

D.R. Stephens Estate is a Nashville Wine Auction favorite, and we suspect you feel the same way. We predict that this 6L of their flagship Moose Valley Cabernet 2010 is bound for a bidding war!

Donated by D.R. Stephens Estate

This wine will ship directly from the winery to the high bidder following the auction. All bidders welcome!