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Lot 114 | California Chardonnay from A-Z

Featured on live auction at 7:51 PM. LOT CLOSES AT 8:00 pm

With more bottles than letters in the alphabet, raise your paddle and say ‘ChardonnHEY’ to this Chardonnay lover's dream!

Lot Details

There are more bottles in this lot than letters in the alphabet! It is filled with pleasing and praiseworthy bottles from some of our favorite Chardonnay virtuosos spanning a myriad of excellent vineyards across California.

For the most popular grape varietal in the world, Chardonnay is as versatile as it is popular. In the 1980s, New World winemakers began calling wines by the name of their principal varietals, and the name ‘Chardonnay’ became a name more familiar than any of the geographically-named wines that the grape produced for centuries. Chablis, Corton-Charlemagne, Montrachet: they were all usurped by the popularity of Lady Chardonnay. 

There are a few skilled winemakers out there who do it justice, elevating the terroir of the region through expert winemaking choices. We’ve put together a lot of California producers who do just that! From Kistler to Peter Michael to Kongsgaard to Aubert, the majesty of this noble grape is expressed in each and every bottle.

Raise your paddle and say ‘ChardonnHEY’ to these three cases of the tasty, tasty liquid.

Donated by Stephanie & Tom Baldwin, Carrie Kitko & Matt Leavitt Lisa Maki & David Osborn, Ellie & Eric Osborne, Nancy & Mark Peacock, Pam & Steve Taylor, Holly & Mark Whaley