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Lot 109 | Beaux Frères: Double Magnum and Lunch for Six

Featured on live auction at 7:30 pm. This lot closes at 7:45 pm.

If you’re a lover of Oregon wines, then this producer needs no introduction. For those who want to hear more on the king of the Willamette, here’s what we love about Beaux Frères.

Lot Details

One of the first and now the leading winery in Oregon, Beaux Frères was founded by Michael G. Etzel, and his brother-in-law (aka his Beaux Frère) wine critic Robert M. Parker Jr… Ever heard of him?  In 1986 while on vacation, Michael came upon an 88-acre pig farm for sale located on Ribbon Ridge in the Northern Willamette Valley. With determination and a vision for turning a pig farm into vineyard, he made the purchase. Michael began planting Pinot Noir vines, slowly transforming the old farm into a working vineyard, harvesting his first crop in 1990. He sold all but enough grapes to make one barrel to winemakers Ken Wright and Dick Ponzi. In 1991 with the addition of a third partner Robert Roy and a renovation of one of the barns, Beaux Frères Winery was officially born.

Never has a pig farm made more miraculous wine! Their world-class Pinot Noir is highly coveted. Win this lot, and you’ll take home a double magnum of Beaux Frères Belles Soeurs Pinot Noir. Robert never reviews Beaux Frères, but he does make his mark in the tasting notes: “After a 12-year pause, this renaissance of our Belles Soeurs label shows the seamless elegance and finesse it always showcased and is now solely compiled from our family’s three vineyards (Beaux Frères, Upper Terrace, and Sequitur). A worthy tribute to our little pocket of the Ribbon Ridge viticultural area, it is a bright, lively wine balancing red and blue fruits, genteel minerality, and beautifully high-spirited character at every turn; an altogether triumphant return for our long-lost companion cuvée.”

And why stop there? With this lot you’ll not only get the double magnum, but also a VIP tour and lunch at the winery for up to 6 guests. If you’ve ever dreamed of a trip to Willamette, there is truly no better experience than a day at this authentic estate. Maybe you’ll invite your beaux frère to join you for a family affair? Raise your virtual paddle high for this one!

Donated by Beaux Frères

This wine will ship directly from the winery to the high bidder following the auction. Lunch at winery to be scheduled on a mutually agreeable date.