How To Participate in Pairings@Home

If you are not registered for Pairings@Home, you may access the Auction at the link below, then click [GET STARTED] in the upper right corner of the screen to complete your registration.

HOW TO Bid with Greater Giving Online Bidding

Our auction uses Online Bidding from Greater Giving. Use your smartphone or tablet to bid on all auction items.

1.     Register your mobile number and credit card information on our registration page in advance of the event.

2.     When the auction opens, you will receive an automated ‘Welcome’ text with your personalized bidder link.

3.     After clicking the link in the text, begin to browse both Live and Silent Auction lots. You can sort by category, or search for packages by name, lot number, or keyword.

4.     Select the package you wish to bid on.

5.     To advance the bid to the next increment, click Bid.

6.     To advance the bid beyond the next increment, click Bid More.

    • Under Bid More select your bid by scrolling the wheel to your desired amount.

    • If you click Place Bid then you will bid that amount.

    • If you choose Max Bid, the system will automatically bid on your behalf until you are outbid or until the auction closes.

    • If your bid is lower than the highest max bid on that package, you will be prompted to enter a higher bid.

7.     To purchase a package at the Buy Now price, click Buy and then Select the Quantity you wish to purchase.

8.     To “watch” a package, click the star icon next to the package name. You can see your list of watched items under Favorites in the main navigation.

9.     To make a donation, select the Raise Your Paddle on your home screen and choose a preset amount or enter a different number under Custom Amount.

10.   If you’re out-bid at any point before the auction lots close, you will receive a text message.

11.   To view packages you are bidding on, click the menu button and select Bids. You can also go here to see if you were the winning bidder after the closing of the auction.

12.   Once the auction closes, the guest with the highest bid will win.


Here is a Quick Video on How To Bid

Tips and Tricks for First Time Bidders 

Mobile Bidding
Our Silent and Live Auctions open on Friday, March 19 at noon. Registered attendees will have access to all items through Mobile Bidding. You will receive a welcome text on Friday with your personalized link to the auction. If you do not receive a welcome text it means we do not have your phone number or credit card information in our system. Please call the office at (615) 329-1760 to gain access to the Auction.

Tip: It makes the event on Saturday night much more enjoyable if you have reviewed the Auction and “starred” your favorites and set “Max Bids” before the start of the event.

Auction Catalog
Pairings@Home features both a Silent and Live Auction. Information about each lot will be published on our website, Each auction lot will have a detailed description including specific information regarding ability to ship out of state, restrictions on fulfillment dates and other necessary information. We encourage everyone to read the catalog and do their research ahead of time.

Tip: Download the Auction Catalog to your Smart Phone or tablet for quick and easy access.

Bidding and Buying
Our Live Auction is exciting and moves quickly. Follow along on your mobile device and watch the telecast carefully. The auctioneer will help you keep up. If you want to bid, bid quickly. Set Max Bids on your favorite lots in advance and save precious bidding time. Your mobile bidding interface will accurately display the leading bidder. Please refer to this interface for accurate bidding status and lot closing times. The live-stream event will broadcast with a several-second delay, so remember your mobile device has the most accurate data. Winning bidders are determined by the mobile bidding interface. If you wait to bid until the last second, you risk losing the lot.

Tip: All Live Auction lots will be available to bid on starting Friday, March 19, 2021. Use this time to do your research, star your favorite lots, get with friends to collaborate on purchases, and set Max Bids prior to event night.


For bidding help or questions call the Nashville Wine Auction office at (615) 329-1760 or email us at

HOW TO Proxy Bid

If you are unable to participate or don’t feel comfortable bidding on your mobile device in the live stream event we have a proxy bid option just for you. Fill out the proxy bid form today. For help contact the Nashville Wine Auction office at (615) 329-1760 or email us at




HOW TO Watch the Livestream Event

The live stream event is best viewed on a larger device, and we suggest a Smart TV. You will need your mobile phone to bid, so watching on your TV allows you to keep up with all the action while bidding in the auction.

Regardless of how you choose to watch, we strongly suggest testing your access in advance of the event to make sure it works.  In addition, we encourage you to log on around 6:20 pm CST,  before the Pre-Telecast, so you are connected when the fun begins.

A live stream link will be emailed to you in advance allowing you to experience the Live Auction on Saturday, March 27, 2021. Any additional instructions on how to watch will be included in this message.

You may use this link to watch the live stream via YouTube on your preferred device.

As stated above, the best experience is viewing the livestream event on a larger device; however, you may watch it on your desktop, laptop computer, mobile device, or tablet via any web browser. If you plan on bidding, just remember you will need one device for bidding and another for viewing the livestream event.

The YouTube app will need to be installed or available on your preferred device and this app comes pre-loaded on most smart TVs.  If you do not have it installed on your TV, it is available and compatible with Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, iPhone/iPad, Web Browsers, Android Phone/Tablet, Android TV, Xbox, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, VIZIO Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

HOW TO Get Help

For help contact the Nashville Wine Auction office at (615) 329-1760 or email us at


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