Our Visit to Camp Horizon

On June 22, Keri McInnis, l’Eté du Vin board member and Beneficiary Committee Chair, and I spent the morning at Camp Horizon, an oncology camp for children. The American Cancer Society holds a one week camp located near Kingston Springs each year for children with cancer.  These children come primarily from Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Kentucky. As I walked across the campground, my heart was flooded with my own childhood experiences and memories of camp.  The children were doing arts and crafts, dancing, playing basketball, and the ever popular – no camp would be complete without – canoeing.  The only difference was, these children were not taking the experience for granted.

I was told that two campers had left the campgrounds that day to travel back to the hospital to receive treatments, but would return to camp after.  These children were filled with courage and hope.  I was blessed.

Additionally ACS holds a one week “Siblings” camp for siblings of children with cancer.  Both camps are free of charge and sponsored completely by the American Cancer Society.  Roughly speaking it takes about $350 to send a child to Camp Horizon.  It strikes me that this is such a small price for such a life-giving experience for a child with cancer. And such well spent money to give much needed support and attention to siblings of children struggling with the disease.

I’m glad to know that l’Eté du Vin will be helping children with cancer have a meaningful camp experience next year.

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