Name Change – Nashville Wine Auction

Dear l’Eté du Vin Friends,

Over the past year we have made many changes here at l’Eté du Vin. Some changes were made to improve our organizational structure and fiscal responsibility, some to update our technology and productivity, some to reach out to a broader audience, and some to improve our relationships with supporters and beneficiaries.

All of these changes bring organizational growth.  We would like to make you aware that moving forward we will begin to use Nashville Wine Auction as our business name.

As you know Nashville Wine Auction has been our website and email address for years. Changing the organization’s name helps us streamline our online presence and avoid confusion. It helps us identify ourselves more clearly within the Nashville business community.

Not to worry however, there are some things we have not changed – our signature summer wine auction – l’Eté du Vin (A Summer of Wine). We love everything l’Eté du Vin stands for and hope to have your continued support on July 20 & 21.

Perhaps most importantly, our mission has not changed. We are more committed than ever to “Uniting the wine community to fund the fight against cancer.”

As we continue growing the Nashville Wine Auction, we will announce new events throughout the calendar year, all presented by the Nashville Wine Auction. We hope you will stay in touch, check our website, find us on Facebook or Twitter, and watch your email as our strategic plans unfold.

Thank you so much for your continued support. We value all you do in helping us achieve our mission.


Diane Madison-Jammal           Holly Hearn Whaley
Board President                                                   Executive Director