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Lot 110 | Enchanting Evening Below the Equator

Eleven lucky couples will get to gather at the Kimpton Aertson to try Pamela and Anthony Cmelak's lineup of 29 bottles from countries in the Southern Hemisphere paired with the stellar cuisine of Henley's Chef Kristin Beringson.

Lot Details

First thing’s first, check your calendars! Friday, April 14, 2023. Ok great, now that we’ve got that squared away, here’s why that date needs to be wiiiiiiiide open. Eleven lucky couples will get to gather at the Kimpton Aertson for THE Southern Hemisphere dinner of the year–nay, the decade.

We’re talking Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. This is your chance to truly experience wines from the dynamic New World hemisphere. Pamela and Anthony Cmelak have curated a lineup of 29 bottles of the finest examples from each region. Whether you’re an aficionado or wanting to learn more, this is truly the wine dinner you’re looking for!

The Southern Hemisphere can often be overlooked, but there is a serious treasure trove below the equator. You’ll taste the nuances of the cooler climate Argentinian, Chilean, and New Zealand wines alongside the warmer Australian and South African climates. Paired with the stellar cuisine of Henley’s Chef Kristin Beringson, this dinner will be one for the ages.

Bid high for this one, your below the equator evening awaits!




New Zealand

South Africa


Event Details

A total of 11 spots for couples will be sold separately. The Auctioneer will explain the rules from the podium.

One spot includes:

If you are interested in purchasing multiple spots, please hold up the corresponding number of fingers when bidding.

Donated by Pamela & Anthony Cmelak, Chef Kristin Beringson, Kimpton Aertson