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Lot 109 | A Case of Kosta Browne is a Great Get

Kosta Browne is quite possibly the biggest name in California Pinot Noir. One lucky bidder gets to skip the line of thousands and secure these precious bottles of their single-vineyard Pinot Noirs… and yes! the elusive Keefer and Gap's Crown vineyards are included.

Lot Details

At any given time, roughly 30,000 members are awaiting the release of Kosta Brown’s popular appellation wines or access to highly limited, single vineyard wines. The list is limited to 2,000 people, and it takes about two years of waiting before you’ll get a chance to make a purchase. And even when you get on the list, new members regularly wait 18 months, waiting for a chance to secure precious bottles of their single-vineyard Pinot Noirs from Keefer and Gap’s Crown vineyards.

Sipping this delectable liquid is pure opulence and wildly pleasurable. It’s hedonism at its finest. One lucky bidder gets to skip the line and take home a case of Kosta Browne from a variety of their vineyards (yes, it even includes the elusive Keefer and Gap’s Crown vineyards). Get your hands on some of the most coveted Pinot Noir produced without having to fight the crowds! That sounds like a great get if you ask us.

Donated by John & Jennifer Steele