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LOT 110 | Sneak Away to Dakota Shy; An Exclusive Escape for Four Couples

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If there’s a winemaking region that’s near and dear to our hearts, it’s Napa Valley. From the wines to the stunning views to the people and hospitality… Napa is a destination and a cherished experience. This lot offers four couples not only a VIP visit to some of Napa’s finest estates but also the opportunity to give back to a region that’s currently fighting ravaging fires. 20% of the proceeds from the sale of this lot will go directly to Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund.

Lot Details

Whoever snags this lot will experience Napa the way it’s meant to be experienced. Starting with your accommodations, a three-night stay for four couples at Dakota Shy’s luxurious estate home. Located just off the Silverado Trail in St. Helena, Dakota Shy sits atop a rare valley floor piece of property, a six-acre gem with a boundary profile that keeps it fairly well hidden from the nearby traffic of both the Silverado Trail and Sage Canyon Road. Next, let’s talk tastings. First up is a special tasting with your generous hosts, Dakota Shy. If you haven’t yet heard of this undiscovered gem, you’re about to be let in on one of Napa’s best kept secrets.

Dakota Shy grew out of the passion that friends and colleagues, Todd Newman and Tom Garrett, have for the wines, history and vineyards of Napa Valley. Their goal is to craft wines of substance and place that rival the best of what Napa Valley has to offer; from the pinnacle of quality and luxury to world-class Cabernet Sauvignon that can proudly be placed on the table
and enjoyed every week.

The vineyard sources from longtime friends in the valley, premium vineyards from Napa in the south to Calistoga in the north including a number of hillside locations, to assemble an outstanding portfolio of vineyards whose grapes are the foundation of their wines. Two of these vineyards are integral to their vineyard designate wines: Atlas – from a hillside vineyard just north of Howell Mountain and Moulds Family Vineyard on the west side of the Oak Knoll District. Produced in limited quantities, their handcrafted Cabernets reflect the highest expression of the vintage and the region.

Next up on the tasting circuit is a trip to The Vineyardist. Carving vineyards into the volcanic Diamond Mountain terrain has produced fruit that, with vision and expert guidance, results in a remarkable Cabernet Sauvignon that is among the finest offerings from Napa and Bordeaux. The Vineyardist is one of those experiences that truly define the potential and finesse of the winemaking in Napa Valley.

More than a century before Dirk Fulton and Betty Kukkola purchased the more than 100 acres that make up The Vineyardist, pioneer vineyardist Lorenz Petersen cleared the land and planted a vineyard. As he became a skilled farmer and winemaker, Peterson’s production brought international wine brokers to Calistoga each spring to buy wine by the cask. In the 1800s, someone who farmed the vineyard, crafted the wine and then marketed it himself and was known as a Vineyardist. The Vineyardist is one of those rare historical properties within the Napa Valley that often fly under the radar. Beginning in 2017 all their wines are exclusively from the estate. Initially the Vineyardist focused on one estate wine each year – a 100% varietal Cabernet Sauvignon from two Cabernet Sauvignon clones, but today they also produce a second wine, also a Cabernet Sauvignon named the Lazy Susan Ranch (LSR) – the original name of the property.

We’re also including a very special, surprise tasting at an undisclosed winery. But trust us, it’s a good one.

As is the Nashville Wine Auction way, we’ll wear the “planning hat” so you can focus on enjoying your visit. Couple that with three days of a driver for our tasting appointments and you’re in for a leisurely Napa experience. If Napa’s on your mind and in your heart, this is the perfect lot for you! Bid high for a top tier experience and to support a top tier region that’s in need of our support. Napa has always given back, so this is our chance to return the favor.

Restrictions: Trip to be scheduled on mutually agreeable date. Guest house stay subject to availability. Blackout dates: Friday-Saturday nights and September and October.
Expires 10/10/2021.

Donated by Dakota Shy, The Vineyardist