Let’s Cook Dinner for Hope Lodge!

volunteer engaging with residentOver the past few weeks, dedicated volunteers have been preparing dinner once a week for residents of American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge. Longtime supporters of the auction, staff, interns, and welcomed students from Vanderbilt University were among the many who served. Volunteers were asked to prepare a dish of their choice or purchase food to bring to dinner. Our volunteers went above and beyond.

Dinners ranged from nights of Honeybaked ham, turkey and homemade casseroles to lasagna, Greek salad, and mounds of cookies and cupcakes for dessert. The residents of Hope Lodge couldn’t have been more pleasant and appreciative of the time and effort volunteers put into preparing a delicious meal just for them. One resident expressed her gratitude saying, “We’ve been traveling all day from Knoxville to get here, and it feels so good to come in to a good hot meal, thank you so much!”

The gratitude and warmth felt from the residents was incredible. It made the volunteer experience very rewarding. The Hope Lodge residents undergoing cancer treatment at the Hope Lodge are the reason the Nashville Wine Auction works so hard to fund the fight against cancer. Our goal is to continue to show Hope Lodge residents our support. We hope you will join us in the near future.

Our next night to prepare dinner is:

  • Sunday, April 28th 5:30 pm-7:00 pm

If you would like to participate, please contact Taylor Prince at taylor@nashvillewineauction.com.