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With a storied history that dates back to 1385 and 26 generations of family-run winemaking, it’s no secret that Antinori is one of the longest and most successful family businesses on earth. From their familial winemaking prowess to their history shaking up the Italian wine world by introducing Bordeaux varietals to their innumerable top-rated and expertly crafted wines, the balance of tradition and innovation has made Antinori synonymous with success. As Marchese Piero loves to say “Ancient family roots play an important part in our philosophy but they have never hindered our innovative spirit.”

The Antinori family is one to be celebrated: and we are doing just that this year. The Nashville Wine Auction is over the moon excited to join with the Antinori family to celebrate 635 years of winemaking for this year’s 42nd Annual l’Eté du Vin. We invite you to join us as we toast to Marchesi Antinori while raising money to fund the fight against cancer.

Alessia Antinori
Vice President, Marchesi Antinori

Alessia Antinori
Honored Guest at Patrons' Dinner

*Due to COVID travel restrictions, Alessia will not be able to join us for the Patrons’ Dinner.

Alessia is the youngest daughter of Piero Antinori and serves today as Vice President of Marchesi Antinori. Like her two sisters, Alessia was raised in the family’s 15th century Palazzo Antinori in the center of Renaissance Florence. She participated in all harvests at the family’s Tignanello estate in Chianti Classico and Guado al Tasso in Bolgheri from 1996 and was educated in Florence.

Full Bio Here

Niccolò Maltinti
U.S. Commercial Director and Brand Ambassador, Marchesi Antinori

Niccolò Maltinti
Honored Guest at Patrons' Dinner

Niccolò Maltinti joined Marchesi Antinori in July of 2011 as the U.S. Commercial Director and Brand Ambassador. In addition to representing Antinori with the trade, he oversees the strategic planning and sales execution for the family’s wines in the U.S.

Full bio here

Antinori Family History
Alessandro Antinori (1481 - 1557)

Alessandro Antinori is one of the most important figure in the family history, he continued the family's powerful ascent after his father Niccolò di Tommaso (who, in 1506, bought the palace in Florence which will become Palazzo Antinori). Alessandro had multiple interets, both for family business and public offices for the Florentine Republic: trade, finance (he also lent money to the French court) and defence. He was close friend of Cosimo I de' Medici to whom wrote a letter (kept in State Archive, Florence) asking to intervene in his favour in order to obtain payment for a cargo of malvasia wine which had been "taken" by the troops of the emperor in a port in Sicily. The Antinori therefore enter the wine trade on a national scale from the middle of the XVI century.

Bastiano Antinori (1524 - 1592)

Among the family's many illustrious men of letters, one of the most famous was Bastiano or Sebastiano Antinori, who took part in the founding of the Accademia della Crusca, which since then until today works to preserve and to spread Italian language (www.accademiadellacrusca.it).

Ludovico Antinori

Ludovico Antinori was appointed Senator in 1631, Commissioner of Pisa in 1632, 1633 and 1636. In 1637 he was Commissioner of Pistoia. He became a member of the Florentine Academy of which he was Consul in 1634.

Antonio Antinori (1645 - 1719)

Antonio Antinori was very active political figure in Florence's Government, holding many prominent positions such as "The Grand Duke's General Depositary" assigned him in 1709 by Cosimo III de' Medici. He managed a Commission responsible for issuing a series of regulations for the wine trade and for many other fields. The most important one, in 1716, established the boundaries of four wine-producing areas, such as Chianti, which was later to become Chianti Classico, already appreciated for its quality wine production. We can say that Antonio Antinori contributed to establish the first Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC) in the world.

Vincenzio Antinori (1792 - 1865)

Vincenzio Antinori was a Senator during the Grand Ducky of Tuscany and close friend of the Grand Duke Leopoldo II di Lorena who assigned him many important positions. Vincenzio was a scientist and an expert of science history, primarily about Galileo Galilei. I was the Director of Museo della Specola, the Natural History Museum in Florence.

Piero Antinori
(1863 - 1939)

Piero Antinori was Marchese Piero grandfather. At the end of the nineteenth century, he decided to take the first steps in the direction of a wine economy aiming at a boarder and more profitable international market and, together with his brother Lodovico, creates the company "Cantine dei Marchesi Lodovico e Piero Antinori". With a more humanistic background than his brother (who was the "technician", dealt with the productive aspects), Piero dedicated himself to the commercial part and to relations with customers who were often truly prestigious. Proof of this is his friendship with the great composer Giacomo Puccini, lover not only of melody but also of good wines.

Marchesi Piero Antinori

In 1966, Piero Antinori became president of Marchesi Antinori when his father Niccolo retired. In the 1980s, Marchese Piero’s three daughters, Albiera, Allegra and Alessia, began working in the family business. At the same time the association PFV was established. “Primum Familiae Vini is an informal association of family-owned wineries that goes beyond geographical boundaries maintaining a common bond between its members: the protection and advancement of family-owned vineyards and winemaking; family managed vineyards and estates must be tended to and aged with great care over time just like the fine wines they produce. The Antinori’s have been members since it began.

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Save the Date for the 43rd Annual l'Eté du Vin
July 21- 23 2022

Save the Date for 2022


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