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Priceless Dinner with Promontory and Penultimate

Head to the new Four Seasons Hotel to enjoy the pinnacle of wine tasting dinners: Promontory and Penultimate. Special guests Will Harlan and winemaker David Cilli will be there to present wines from the cellar of Pam & Steve Taylor.

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It is safe to say that we here at the Nashville Wine Auction are obsessed with wine dinners, and we’re guessing most of you are too. With good reason… We’ve got a Buy-A-Spot dinner for fifteen couples that qualifies as the pinnacle of wine dinners.

The scene? The brand new Four Seasons Hotel Nashville. The wines? Promontory and Penultimate from the cellar of Pam & Steve Taylor. The special guests? Proprietor Will Harlan, Winemaker David Cilli and a surprise special guest. The overwhelming sense of joy and excitement when attending this dinner? Priceless.

No one was surprised when one of the most historic vintners in Napa Valley, Bill Harlan, launched a new winery in 2009. He came across the stunning region of Promontory in the 1980s while hiking along Oakville’s southwestern borderlands. Thus, Promontory came to life, with hints at wildness and a vein of minerality under bright red fruit and tight layers that relax through the years. Now, Penultimate hovers near that profound character, far more than a so-called “second.” It plays a critical role of its own in relation to the pinnacle that is Promontory. In fact, in a remarkable way, it helps elevate the wine it aspires to be.

Promontory, as prestigious a Napa winery as you can get, and its younger sibling Penultimate, a standout star in its own right, are the highlights of the evening: a vertical of both wines, from very first vintage until 2018 release, flanked by Krug and Yquem. The chef at the Four Seasons will prepare a fabulous meal to pair with the lineup, set within the walls of Nashville’s swankiest new hotel. Now we certainly can’t forget our special guests for the evening. Will and David will bring all the Promontory and Penultimate expertise, ready to lead everyone through the incredible tasting.

This truly is the pinnacle of wine dinners, tasting Promontory next to its sibling, Penultimate. Clear your calendars for Friday, January 20, 2023. We really can’t put a price on how special this evening will be, but let’s give it our best effort! Paddles at the ready…

Buy-A-Spot at this dinner

A total of 15 spots for couples will be sold separately. The Auctioneer will explain the rules from the podium.

One spot includes:

If you are interested in purchasing multiple spots, please hold up the corresponding number of fingers when bidding.

No shared pours.

Donated by Pam & Steve Taylor, Four Seasons Hotel Nashville, Will Harlan, David Cilli