Krug 2011

In 1843, when Johann-Joseph Krug left a comfortable position at an established champagne house to set up on his own, he had one ambition – to make the best champagne he could.

Five generations on, the Krug family uphold his vision of excellence, blending their champagnes themselves using only the finest grapes from selected vineyards. Alone among the great champagne houses, Krug still ferments all its wines in small oak casks, allowing them to develop the supremely rich and complex aromas and the markedly individual character which is the authentic taste of Krug.

And Krug uniquely matures its champagnes for an exceptional period of time, keeping every bottle at least six ears in its cellars in Reims.

Champagne this outstanding demands years of patience, months of toil, and sustained levels of investment – but at Krug, no one is counting.

Krug Grande CuvéeWe are tasting the Krug Grande Cuvée at this year’s Nashville Crush.

The Krug Grande Cuvée is the perfect encounter of a great wine – intensity, complexity depth and length – with what you expect from the finest champagne – elegance, finesse, excitement, seduction and vitality.

Versatile and contrasted, Krug Grande Cuvée can reconcile in a single sip all of the Krug paradoxes, maturity and freshness, power and fineness, richness and elegance, complex yet so remarkably crisp and clean.

Toasty – soft spices – dried fruits – almond – citrus fruits – lemon – crisp

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