Spotlight: Cardinale


The finest expression of Napa Valley’s mountain terroir.

Cardinale, located in Napa Valley’s world-renowned Oakville District, crafts a single Cabernet Sauvignon from each vintage. The wine is a limited-production blend from Napa Valley’s most recognized mountain appellations, including Diamond Mountain, Howell Mountain, Mount Veeder, and Spring Mountain. Each of our esteemed mountain vineyards creates a beautiful note onto itself, but the composition they create together results in a remarkable symphony of flavor, texture, and complexity.

Like a composer creating a symphony, winemaker Chris Carpenter transforms the multifaceted notes of our mountain fruit into the refined, complex, and elegant blend that is uniquely Cardinale. Behind this expertise is an impressive background covering diverse facets of grape growing and winemaking. Every Note Inspired.

At Cardinale, the focus is on Napa Valley’s unique mountain vineyards where wines of structure, sophistication, and finesse emerge.

Napa Valley is a world- renowned growing region, yet surprisingly – one of the smallest. It produces just 4 percent of California’s wine and a mere four-tenths of 1 percent of the world’s wine.

Regions within Napa Valley possess distinct microclimates, soils, and terrains that imprint recognizable characteristics on the grapes grown within them. Napa Valley delineates the boundaries of these growing areas, giving them names that reflect their regional designations, or appellations (AVAs), such as Mt. Veeder, Spring Mountain, Howell Mountain, Oakville, and Diamond Mountain.