Featured Artist: Revi Ferrer

Revi Ferrer is a self-taught artist who discovered her calling as a child amongst the museums and concert halls of Riga, Latvia. After attending various art and design schools, Revi’s creative journey took her to a prominent architectural firm in Riga, and later to London’s fashion industry. Her foray into fashion resulted in her landing on the pages of both Vogue and Marie Claire with her designs for Old Gringo Boots. However, Revi found herself answering the call to start painting, and in no time, she developed her own style of art that incorporates both architecture in technique and vision in fashion.

Revi currently resides in Nashville, where she has taken the art scene by storm by simply focusing on doing what the universe has intended her to do: CREATE ART. She continues to investigate design with a paintbrush, which in and of itself is odd because, as a child, she favored pencil rather than paint and found the medium to be messy and complicated to use.

Combining both linear and painterly styles, Revi has opened the door to a new and fantastic way of visiting everyday objects. It is more of an experience than just seeing, and her work is more of an exploration into the many layers that make up the dynamic and driven Revi Ferrer.

Revi has generously donated two pieces of art for l’Ete du Vin. The Best of Antinori to be sold at the Patrons’ Dinner and l’Eté du Vin Comes to Life to be sold in the Live Auction.

Artist Statement: I feel that The Artist is someone who accesses genius via intuition, creativity, and courage. I naturally challenge the status quo and rebuke the notion of living within the mean. For me, creation is the most vulnerable form of personal sacrifice. Art feels like pouring emotion out of the soul out into the negative space, the birth of an idea, emotion, and an entity that never existed before that moment. Art is the absolute practice of our most basic humanity.