Cheval des Andes 2011

Cheval des AndesIn the late 1950s, the LVMH luxury products group’s subsidiary, Moet & Chandon Champagne, sensed the fabulous potential of South America and sent Renaud Poirier, one of its top oenologists, to assess the many different areas. He made a stop at Lujàn de Cuyo, in the Argentine province of Mendoza, a region which in his opinion was the most suitable area to plant a new vineyard – one which would become the future base of the group’s top subsidiary outside France.

The discovery of Cheval des Andes defies tasting terms. The Bordeaux-style blending of this “Grand Cru” from the other side of the world expresses, in turn, finesse and exoticism, power and freshness, elegance and authenticity. Its prestigious tutors have guaranteed its powers of seduction. It is a wine that follows no fashion.