Patti Jackson

Patti Jackson is a proud native of Northeastern Pennsylvania, where she grew up in a typical American small town. Originally interested in biology and chemistry, she fell in love with the restaurant business as a teenager, and has pursued all aspects of service and food craft ever since.

She is a chef with over 30 years experience, based in New York City. Trained as a pastry chef at the Baltimore International Culinary Arts Institute, she worked as a pastry chef in wholesale, retail and restaurants in Washington D.C. and then New York for 18 years—working for such industry leaders as Sutton Place Gourmet and the Pino Luongo organization before taking over the restaurant Le Madri as an Executive Chef in 2003. Subsequently she was the Executive Chef of the restaurants i Trulli and Centovini before opening her restaurant in Williamsburg.

Jackson’s work has been reviewed in many national newspapers and magazines, and she has been featured in articles in Edible New York, New York Magazine, The New York Times, The Daily News, Restaurant Business, Restaurants and Hospitality, Bon Appetit, and Food Arts. She has appeared on television and radio on shows including CBS Early Morning, Good Day New York, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Michael “Mike” Colameco Show, NY1, Martha Stewart Radio, Valerie Smaldone, The Food Seen (Heritage Radio Network). She has been a guest Chef and Pastry Chef at the James Beard house many times and has participated in numerous women chef and charity events, including Taste of the Nation, Taste of New York, Taste of the Greenmarket, James Beard House, SHARE A Second Helping of Life, and many others.

Jackson has pursued further education at The Notter School of Pastry, Le Grande Ecole du Chocolat in Hermitage, France, and the French Pastry School in Chicago. Her favorite pastimes include travelling, eating and entertaining.

She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Sam.