Mayme Gretsch

Mayme Gretsch first started cooking in her home town of Minneapolis, MN. She has worked in fine dining restaurants for the past ten years with a strong focus in pastry. Mayme worked in Minneapolis for 5 years where she spent most of her time cooking savory cuisine at Alex Robert’s Restaurant Alma.

After her experience at Alma, Gretsch was anxious to travel and cook in other renowned
restaurants. She spent time working in Bordeaux where she began to fall in love with rich
French pastry. After spending several months in France, Gretsch moved on to Spain to work
for michilin starred chefs throught the country. She worked for Juan Arzak at his famous
michilin starred restaurant Arzak, as well as the stared Ferrro in Valencia. During her time there, Gretsch really began to develop as a pastry chef, keeping detailed journals of her work and travels.

Gretsch returned to the U.S. in 2010 and took a job at Alinea, where she worked as a
chef de partie in pastry. During her time at Alinea, Mayme was recruited to move to Nashville to help open The Catbird Seat. Gretsch had been aquainted with Catbird Seat’s Executive Chef
Josh Habiger in Chicago, and he asked her to come execute the pastry program. After two and
a half rewarding years at The Catbird Seat, she left the restaurant to pursue her own business. Gretsch started Utterly Nashville in May of 2014 with a focus on providing fine French pastries and soft serve ice cream to Nashville. Utterly is a passion project that is free from boundaries.