Celebrating Two Hundred Years of History with Château Langoa Barton

In celebration of two hundred years of the Barton family history, Château Langoa Barton created a special commemorative case of wine with the 2021 vintage. The original of the family in France goes back to the time when Thomas Barton, sailed from Ireland to Bordeaux. Over the sea to the land of Médoc, the family truly laid anchor two generations later in 1821 with the acquisition of the first Saint Julien château: Langoa Barton.

Nature lovers at heart, the family continued to write its history, expanding the vineyards, orchards and gardens. This evolution continues today, engraved in the stone of the new cellars.


The artistic composition of elements and symbols evocative of the family and Château are encompassed in four drawings on these commemorative bottles:


Origin (Château Langoa Barton 1994)


Heritage (Château Langoa Barton 2000)


Nature (Château Langoa Barton 2009)


Evolution (Château Langoa Barton 2016)


The masterpiece bottle in the center of the work of art is a magnum of the Château Langoa Barton 2021, bicentenary vintage whose label merges the four paintings.


The vine, symbol of the Circle of Life, mother of wine, and the ironwork, a strong architectural component at the Château, join the images together.


These bottles symbolize passing time, the present story unfolds without ever losing sight of the past. And now, strengthened by the family’s roots, it is with the greatest respect for the Barton family values and two centuries of Heritage that they look to the future.


The artists who participated in these stunning works are Anne Lise Yandell, Patrice Bégnier, Aigal Studio et Lis33.


This special 200th anniversary commemorative pack will be released in October 2023 and will ship directly from the Château to the winning bidder. Lock it in now!


This wine lot includes:

Château Langoa Barton 200th Anniversary commemorative wine case containing:


Château Langoa Barton 1994


Château Langoa Barton 2000


Château Langoa Barton 2009


Château Langoa Barton 2016


Château Langoa Barton 2021 (1.5L)



To be shipped directly to the high bidder upon release in October


Donated by Château Langoa Barton