Center for Breast Health – Saint Thomas Health

Saint Thomas Health is Middle Tennessee’s most comprehensive healthcare provider. As the only faith-based regional healthcare provider, Saint Thomas Health is supported by over 5,100 physicians and nearly 6,000 associates under the common mission of one healing community.

Saint Thomas Health began a program to provide cancer genetic consultation and comprehensive risk assessment to individuals and families concerned about familial risk of cancer in 2011. The Family Cancer Risk Services provides individualized comprehensive cancer risk assessment and facilitation of genetic testing for hereditary susceptibility to cancer. The focus is on the individual and their ability to comprehend and understand information shared, allowing them to make the most informed choices possible.

The program was beyond capacity. Nashville Wine Auction helped provide for an additional cancer genetics specialist and more efficient tools (Progeny Software) to care for those in need. The addition of the Progeny software and a second Genetic Counselor expands the services from 75 to approximately 200 individuals per year and potentially.