Grand Cru Evening

Announcing Tom Black as the 2017 Norman M. Lipman Award Recipient,
Beneficiary Introduction and Auction Preview

Mary and Jeff Patton, Chairs


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The Edwards Pharris Group


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Tom Black
2017 Recipient of the Norman M. Lipman Award

Tom Black has a long track record of success as a business leader in the banking industry.  He has led several top companies, providing innovative marketing and technology solutions for the industry.  If you’ve ever used an ATM, signed up for a premium checking bank account, or have seen images of your checks on your bank statement, then you’ve seen some of Tom Black’s handiwork.

Tom has been a co-founder or founder of several start-ups, 3 of which he helped take public.  Currently he runs the Tom Black Center for Excellence which customizes sales training and coaching services for companies of all sizes.  He was written several books including the wildly popular Boxcar Millionaire.

In addition to Tom’s love for business, he is equally, if not more, passionate about wine.  After a weekend trip to Napa Valley in 1986, Tom fell in love with wine, and has not looked back since.  Tom makes two wines with Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat only made available through charity wine auctions like Nashville Wine Auction.  With a cellar at one time consisting of more than 60,000 bottles of wine, Tom has formed one of the largest and most well-rounded collections in the United States.  Tom has been a National Board member in the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, a Chambellan in the Ordre de Côuteaux, the highest rank a non-Champagne producer can achieve, and was chosen as one of six collectors to participate in the Millennium wine project for the Smithsonian Institute.  He has written over 200 published articles on wine and has a free wine app (

As one of the world’s most knowledgeable and well-known wine experts, Tom Black has been featured in international food and wine magazines and is highly respected among celebrity chefs and winemakers alike.  Using his passion for wine as a cause, Tom has raised millions of dollars for charities across the country.  Tom Black’s knowledge of wine and generous spirit has made him a favorite son of the wine community in Nashville and a gentleman worthy of the Norman M. Lipman Award.


Grand Cru Guild

Nashville Wine Auction would like to acknowledge
the outstanding support from our many wine donors

For showing exceptional generosity over the years
with valuable donations of wine, we honor
these individuals by including them in the Grand Cru Guild

Their annual donations keep out organization thriving
as we work together to fund the fight against cancer


*Denotes New Grand Cru Guild Members in 2017
  • Gus Bellos *
  • Tom Black
  • Pam & Keith Browning
  • Jim Clendenen
  • Pamela & Anthony Cmelak
  • Chase Cole *
  • Elise & Harvey Crouch
  • Ben Cundiff
  • Collie & Gregory Daily
  • Ann & Glenn Eaden
  • Amy P. & Frank M. Garrison
  • Cindee & Michael Gold
  • Marc Goldstone
  • Caren & Fritz Hatton
  • Nancy & Billy Ray Hearn
  • Matt Donahoe & Clint Higham
  • Cynthia & Elliot Himmelfarb
  • Beth & John Huff
  • Valerie & Adam Landa
  • Kimberly & Jim Lewis
  • Alice & Johnny Lindahl *
  • Karin & Irving Lingo
  • Robert Lipman
  • Diane & Sam Madison-Jammal
  • Catherine & Tommy McEwen
  • Eliza Kraft Olander & Brian McHenry
  • Patrick McMullan III
  • Paula & Thomas Milam
  • Edie & Bill Mitchell
  • Janice Elliott & David K. Morgan
  • Tommy Thompson & Terry Murray *
  • Dan Musielewicz
  • Rosann & Bill Nunnelly
  • Loren Chumley & Scott Peterson *
  • Sharon and Bill Piper *
  • Deborah & Keith Pitts
  • Tim Pitts *
  • Judith & Robert Richards *
  • Janet & Michael Richardson
  • Mary & Tim Schoettle
  • JJ & George Seiters
  • Donna & William Shergy
  • Cyndi & Bill Sites
  • Brent Soper
  • Pam & Steve Taylor
  • Jennifer & Cal Turner III
  • Cathy & Fred Weisbrodt *
  • Holly & Mark Whaley
  • Paula & Vincent Zuccaro


Photos from 2017 Grand Cru